What Next?

You’ll need to make contact with us. So please call or e-mail us that you’d like to talk to us about growing your business.

Here’s what will happen…

Firstly, we’ll have a quick discussion over the phone. I can pretty much assess our potential for success within a few minutes (I’ve been doing this since 1999).

Then if we both agree that there’s great potential for successful business growth in your business – we’ll make a time for me to visit your office [if it is Ahmedabad, India] or talk more over the phone [in case you are out of India or in another city in India].

After talking with me about your business – you’ll get a ‘feeling’ for whether I’ll be ‘right’ to work with you. (My clients call it a ‘gut-instinct’ or ‘intuition’).

I have the track record and the ability to help your business. So it’ll come down to our ability to ‘work’ together.

That is, whether we ‘click’ as a ‘team’ working together to grow your business. Then we undertake a small study [fully paid for by you] to understand our role and the gaps in your business.

If we’re going to work together every month for the next couple of years – we better have a good working relationship!

(I choose not to work with people that I don’t like or don’t ‘fit’ my client criteria. I suppose you are the same).

We’ll go through in detail exactly what your vision is for your business, and what you’d like to achieve. I’ll let you know if it’s possible and how we can do it and whether we can work together successfully to achieve the growth you’re after.

Once agreed, we’ll also cover:

  1. How much you’ll need to pay to achieve that growth?
  2. How much time period will we devote monthly for you?
  3. How long this assignment will be need to achieve its objective?

Then if we both agree, we’ll get started.

The first step is to contact me.

You can do this by filling out the contact form.

Thanks for reading so far. You’re obviously serious about your success.