Will It Work?

Good question.

Well, that surely depends on a number of things.

Firstly, let’s assess your business…

You probably have a ‘feeling’ that your business can really be ‘special’… and you most probably have tried to realise the potential you feel your business has, on your own – or with the traditional consultants you work with.

But you may not be getting the growth and/or results that you want. You’ve also most likely tried your accountant and other business people to help you, but maybe that hasn’t worked like you wanted it to either. And you may have already talked to or worked with other business coaches and consultants – and that didn’t work out like you wanted either.

So now you are possibly realising that it’s time to get an ‘expert’ in to help – but they better be good! Yes, you’re prepared to work with an expert – but you definitely want to get your money’s worth!

Next let’s look at some specifics about your business.

How Much Of This Is True About Your Business?

(Please tick if true)

  • You are the owner/operator of your business.
  • You’re probably working a lot of hours, and not earning enough for all your work.
  • You most likely haven’t had a ‘real’ holiday for quite a while.
  • There’s little or no marketing of your business, and there’s little or no ‘growth’ plan.
  • Your business turns over approximately 10 million or more per annum.
  • You’re probably not achieving the profit levels you want.
  • You employ more than 10 staff.
  • There’s little or no systems to recruit, train and motivate employees.
  • There’s little or no documented systems in your business.
  • There’s little or no up-to-date accurate financial reporting systems.
  • And you probably haven’t written down your business vision, mission or values.

But despite all of that, you probably have a ‘good’ business!

So don’t worry if you’re agreeing with most of what I’ve described above… because I’ll be able to help you more with your profitable growth.

Most business owners that I have worked with are like what I just described when they start with me, when they finish though – it’s all changed for the better!

In fact, the improvement can happen quite dramatically.

Next, let’s consider your commitment levels as the business owner…

How Committed Are You To Successfully Growing Your Business?

(Please tick if true)

  • You have a burning desire to run a successful, profitable business
  • You are a doer, a hard worker and are prepared to ‘do-what-it-takes’
  • You are ‘ready’ to work with a Business Growth Specialist, but only if it is worth the time and money you’re about to invest. (You don’t want to waste your time, nor do you want to waste your money).
  • You have the discipline to follow through on what we talk about.
  • You are prepared to learn, try new things, and work with someone that’s as passionate as you about YOUR success (Maybe even more passionate that you!)
  • You are prepared to follow my proven formula for success in Business Growth.

Once again, the more commitment levels you have ticked, the more likely ‘it-will-work-for-you’.

Each client I have worked with:

  • Believed their business and their industry were different/unique.
  • Was skeptical about whether I could help them (“What can he teach me about my business that I don’t already know?”).
  • Didn’t have much money to spend as finances were very tight (most were making losses; some even took out loans to work with me).
  • Thought I was expensive (I’ll probably be the most expensive consultant you’ll ever work with).
  • Was skeptical about what they were going to get out of working with me and whether it was going to be worth the time and money.
  • Had their family, ‘friends’, their accountant and other business people tell them not to do it (“it will be a waste of time and money and we are doing it better than most of the businesses of our size“).

Yet despite all this, they still chose to work with me.

By doing what we talked about, they went on to achieve some great business growth. And now they all wish they had worked with me sooner.

Maybe you may feel the same?

So if you’re looking for a business growth then call us for a preliminary briefing.

You’ll find that there’s a BIG difference.