Coaching Consultancy

Business Growth Consultancy and Coaching on Strategy

Imagine a coach-client relationship that will help you get clear about the “big picture” for your business – and for your life. If you’re looking for a quick start to growing your business, coaching will give you the tools and focus to build your business faster and smarter than ever before. Through the coaching process, we’ll partner with you to help you to discover what’s holding you back and motivate you to stay focused and on track. That’s what a coach does. We’re working with you so you will meet – and often exceed – your own personal and professional goals.

To begin with we start Coaching – it’s all about changing habits and managing expectations – and because of this, we recommend a commitment, with a schedule worked out specifically for you, to maximize the effectiveness of this process. This includes one-on-one laser-coaching and weekly reviews to take you and your business to the next level.

And later on move to Consulting, we come to the partnership as experts in how business works. Using our knowledge and experience, we work with you on the technical side of business to develop the skills necessary to manage your business and to build the most effective strategy to grow your business. Whether you need to know more about marketing and sales, pricing strategies, time management, systems, procurement, motivating manpower, etc. – that’s what a consultant does.

Why is this methodology important?
Since we operate as a rare hybrid of coach-consultants, which means that we can offer you the best of both worlds: advice and expertise when you need it, motivation and focus when you’re stuck.

The Techniques we use work for several reasons.

Daily Do-able
These techniques are user friendly, easy and reach you to thinking mode immediately.

Break all the Rules
We help you to break virtually every rule held sacred by conventional wisdom, and set Breakthrough results, relatively easily.

Focus on results
Our strategies focus on the talents of each individual in the organization this brings step-change result in all the functional areas.

Review at regular intervals

We review results and performances of every department and individuals at regular intervals.

Proven to achieve Maximum
We supercharge the environment and bring breakthrough success. Our techniques are practical, simple and action oriented. Result: Breakthroughs from Status Quo.

It involves doing few things simultaneously
Working Step-Change, building Know-How and using Creative Thinking on achieving marked RESULTS

Our Focus Is Always:

  • Increasing your profits &
  • Doubling your turnover in 3 to 5 years

The Coaching-Consultancy Process

This process is based on four areas of effectiveness:

1.       Clarification,

2.       Simplification,

3.       Maximization and

4.       Multiplication.

You learn a series of methods and strategies to incorporate these principles into everything you do.

Clarification: You learn how to develop absolute clarity about who you really are, and what you really want, in each of key areas of life. You determine your values, vision, mission, purpose and goals for yourself, your family and your work.

Simplification: You learn how to dramatically simplify your life, getting rid of all the little tasks and activities that contribute little to the achievement of your real goals of high income, excellent family relationships, superb health and fitness, and financial independence. You learn how to streamline, delegate, outsource, minimize and eliminate all those activities that are of little value.

Maximization: You learn how to get the very most out of yourself by implementing the best time and personal management tools and techniques ever discovered. You learn how to get more done in less time, how to increase your income rapidly, and have even more time for your personal life.

Multiplication: You learn how to leverage your special strengths to accomplish vastly more than you could by relying on your own efforts and resources. You learn how to use other people’s money, other people’s efforts, other people’s ideas and other people’s customers and contacts to increase your personal productivity, and earn more money.