Strategic Asset


In this workshop which runs for two days, we address following issues with the promoters:

  • Would you want to GROW or PERSIH?
  • Infact every SME should double in size, minimum, every three years-reasonably aggressive goal, in today’s intensely competitive, technology-driven, global marketplace, where customer is better informed, more demanding and least loyal.
  • Promote healthy growth in your business by capitalizing on your STRATEGIC ASSET that is existing inside your business and still underutilised – centrepiece of a powerful growth strategy.
  • This is your INBUILT STRENGTH – the most marketable strength.
  • This most valuable STRATEGIC ASSET will explode your sales, motivate customer loyalty and generate strong profits.

Sales growth is essential to assure that revenue exceeds the company’s ever increasing cost of doing business; and

To ensure the company’s prosperity, profits must grow in step or even faster than revenue.

  • So if you grow, it will be because you are very good or best.
  • Make your business and brand – better, bigger and stronger.
  • Somewhere within your business lies growth generating customer benefits waiting to fire your organization, up.

Organizations which have undergone this exercise have displayed tremendous zeal to perform and then achieved whatever they wanted.


‘Manthan’ is my version of this activity which helps you strategize scientifically.

‘Manthan’ will show you how to strategize your business quickly, increasing sales and revenues, cutting costs and boosting profits by applying the best techniques and strategies ever discovered for operating a successful business, in any economy or under any competitive conditions.

You will quickly learn a series of practical, proven ideas, methods, and techniques used by all successful companies that survive and thrive in tough markets.

To save you time, and help you get more and better results as quickly as possible, I’ll give you some of the best ideas ever discovered, distilled from years of experience, and from best of books and articles on strategy, planning, marketing, selling and business success.

The most important part of ‘Manthan’ however, is not what you learn, but what you actually do with these practical, proven concepts. Action is everything. As you interact, think continually about specific steps you can take immediately to apply these ideas in your business.

In business, as in so many areas of life, results are everything. As you go along, think about how these strategies can help you to get better results, faster!

I call this approach ‘Manthan’ because it is an intensive, fast, focused and effective way of setting and implementing strategy. It is for companies – small or mid-sized, that want to make immediate changes and get better results faster.

Manthan Focuses on the Consequences

There is a simple rule for setting priorities or determining the value of any decision or action: it revolves around the idea of consequences. An action or decision that is important is something that has significant potential consequences. The greater the potential consequences, the more important it is.

By this yardstick, strategic thinking and planning are perhaps the most important acts of the decision maker. The consequences of good strategy can be the success of the organization. A poor strategy or no strategy at all, can lead to the failure of the enterprise.

Strategy is the key. And actioning the strategy is the lever. The lock does not open unless the lever is moved by the key. In business, strategy, the key has to action the lever to be successful in opening the lock.

In every interview and study, business executives almost unanimously agree that, of all the management methods and techniques that are available today, strategic planning is still the most powerful and effective of all in getting business results.

Manthan Provides Tools and Techniques – Simplified

One of the biggest challenges for busy businessmen today is finding the time to read the vast literature, and master the intricacies of strategic thinking. What you need today is a set of simple tools that you can use immediately to increase profitability. In ‘Manthan’ you will learn methodologies that serve as those tools.

Most companies today do not have a strategic plan, or if they do have a plan, it is outdated and obsolete in light of the current economic situation. ‘Manthan’ will enable you to conduct a quick strategic analysis of your company and make immediate decisions to improve operations. You may even gain the insights you need to turn your company around completely, as these ideas have done for so many other businesses over the years.

The most important part of the Manthan is not what you learn, but the actions you take, and how quickly you take those actions. There is a direct relationship between how fast you move on a new idea and how likely it is that you will ever move on a new idea.

You will have to resolve to become intensely action-oriented for the rest of your business career.

The Manthan Process

  • The ideas and concepts are drawn from my 25 years of strategic planning and work with more than 45 companies.
  • In my Manthan process, I work with my client CEO and HODs to crystallize these ideas into a blueprint and a plan of action.
  • When you apply these concepts to your business, you will develop greater clarity and commitment to your values, vision, mission, purpose and goals.
  • You will learn how to identify your key result areas and determine your competitive advantages, both existing and potential.
  • These techniques will help you to analyze your company, inside and out, and decide upon new goals, plans, activities, measures of performance and responsibilities.

As the result of this Manthan process, you will be able to,

  • simplify and streamline your operations;
  • increase sales, revenues and cash flow;
  • cut costs; and
  • boost your profits,

often within few months. You will achieve new breakthroughs regarding your people, products, services, customers, markets and future opportunities.

You will learn to practice the three R’s of business success in every area of your business.

  • First, you will continuously REEVALUATE every product, service and activity, and every person who works in your company.
  • Second, you will REFOCUS your time and resources toward doing more of those things that contribute the highest levels of sales and profitability.
  • Third, you will REGAIN control over your business so you can guide and steer it more effectively in our current economy.

These Manthan ideas are tailored and customized to your unique situation. They are modified to fit your business, your products and services, your customers and markets, your people and processes. The application of these ideas is different for every company.


With us you’ll get the right answers at the right time so you know what to do and how to do it to grow your business more effortlessly. This is more like handholding and taking you through your own business is most dynamic way.

You can leverage my decades of one-to-one coaching experience to grow your business more effortlessly and easily.
With hundreds of millions in growth that I’ve helped my clients achieve so far in my career – I’m sure you could learn a few inside secrets and moves that could make some massive differences to your business.

Here are just a few of the successes that we have jointly achieved with our clients:

  • Collectively, the businesses I’ve worked with have added hundreds of millions in growth
  • Some businesses have expanded nationally in their own country and almost all of have gone international.
  • Quite a few businesses now post increased profits per annum by way of higher sales at higher price, lower cost of procurement and production.
  • Every business owner that we have worked with are no longer involved in the day to day running of their business(es)
  • Few business owners now continually buy, build and sell businesses

Now the thing is this – I started my business from scratch. I have worked with more than 50 of small and medium businesses and helped them grow. So I know what it’s like if you have no money and no time. I’ve been there. And I’ve helped many grow out of that situation.

I’ve also worked with incredibly wealthy people and profitable businesses who just wanted to get things ‘right’ and make their businesses ‘better’ or ‘systematic’ or ‘professional’ or even ‘corporate’

When I started getting the bigger results, bigger businesses started knocking on my door. So I then started working with medium sized businesses. Doing the same sort of stuff, just on a bigger scale.

I’ve found that my skill set is guiding businesses through growth – and my skills are applicable to any business, any size in any market and in all situations.

So I just tailor my approach to suit the situation. That’s what I’m good at. It’s worked well.

Understandably I’ve got a big bag of tools and tricks to help you get the most out of your business potential – like I have done with so many businesses before you.

Tailored Specifically To Your Business

I’ll work with you to tailor my methods and tools specifically to suit you, your business, your size your industry and your situation.

There’s no unnecessary modules or questionnaires that don’t relate to you. Just stuff that you can do immediately when you need it.

You’ll save time, make money and build a business that can well and truly take care of yourself and your family.

In fact the business skills you can learn with me can be something that you would passionately like to promote and talk about within your near and dear ones, thereby getting me more and ore clients to work upon.

The Aim Is To Help You Realise Your Businesses Potential

  • My aim is to help you and your business, achieve the potential that you know you have.

  • It’s what keeps you awake at night.

  • It’s what keeps you going when things are tough.

Allow me to work with you so that you can allow your business to grow to achieve that potential..

Adventure Into Business Growth Systematically

I’m looking for you if you’re talented, you have a business that you believe in and a market that loves to buy your stuff.

You’ll need to have a great attitude, belief in your business and the commitment ‘stay the course’ that you and I set.

It may take some time. And it may have it’s ups and downs. Or it may happen easily and effortlessly. Either way, be prepared for the ride of your adventurous but very much in-control business-life.

You’ll have some strengths and weaknesses in business – so keep in mind that we may need to spend some time on developing some of your skill sets.
Hey, I’m really easy to work with. And I know my motto – MY CLIENTS ONLY SUCCEED!