Meet – Rajeiv Bakshi

Meet - Rajeiv Bakshi

Since 1999 Rajiv has been advising and guiding small businesses through extraordinary growth by making business become strong, systems oriented and profitable, not only in India but across the continents. “If you are small business and want to make your business systematic and profitable then Rajiv must be your 100% choice of advisor”, says Sukesh Shah Managing Director, Aerolex Cables [P] Ltd., Ahmedabad, India.

Tailoring his advisor approach and methods to suit each individual business, it’s size, it’s industry, it’s market and it’s situation has allowed all of his clients tremendous growth.

These resultant growth have been achieved in all types of industries, in all types of business – from the very small to medium size multi-nationals within India and abroad – using Rajiv’s own unique approach and methods.

Small Busiess Advisor in India

His business success tools are

Simple to execute.


Getting faster results.

Sure to get results.

Most practical.

Economically viable, and finally.

Adaptable under any condition.

“All of Rajiv’s ideas and tools have ease of execution. As a Small Business Growth Advisor, he draws extraordinary results from the small businesses “, Mustafa Bootwala, Managing Director, Metro Packaging – Dubai.

The result that we focus in our advisory role is – an organization uniquely qualified to take up any challenges, whatever your industry. Since day one we have been specialising and focusing on Strategy, Systems, Operations, Execution and Review consultancy – in nut shell Business Growth by 100%. We motivate your team to deliver beyond the expectations of our clients and propel them to achieve their organizational goals and objectives.

Client Understanding
We have been offering tailored solutions to meet the distinct needs of our clients through our well documented methodology which are in line with the international best practices

Relationship Management
Rajiv prides on long term relationship. We are proud of the fact that we have many satisfied customers who will always turn to us whenever they need a specialist solution in business process.

Human Expertise
Our first greatest resource is your employees. Mostly, they represent decades of experience and expertise. Rajiv believes to help you derive the right solutions for clients through his team.